The GAA-Foundation especially supports the international art project "Personal Structures", a project that was initiated in 2002 by the Dutch artist Rene Rietmeyer.

Personal Structures is a project aiming at introducing -in writing, pictures and exhibitions- a number of international artists whom we believe, for all their individuality, to have much in common concerning their intentions. 

The observation that even in the most distant corners of the world and independent of one another, closely related artistic problems are being worked on, led to the idea of bringing several of these artists together. With this undertaking, the goal was to start communication with and among the artists- and to offer them a forum. 

Personal Structures is not an artist group, at least not in the sense of an artist group within the classical modern movement, but may rather be compared to an open forum, where different individuals meet and communicate.    

Since 2002 there have been 28 exhibitions and 8 symposia in the name of the project Personal Structures, and since 2011 the project has also always been exhibiting in the context of the Venice Art Biennale.

For more information, see: CHIARALALLI.COM