About The GlobalArtAffairs Foundation


The GAA Foundation was founded in 2002 in New York, USA. Since 2009, the Foundation is based in Leiden, the Netherlands with a branch in Venice, Italy. Since 2002 the GAA Foundation has organised 26 contemporary art exhibitions and 6 symposia in Japan, USA and different European countries. We extensively publish about all our enterprises in art books and magazines. In addition, we support and encourage as well as enable, the creation of artworks by certain artists and undertake joint projects with them.  By all our activities, publications, exhibitions and symposia, all artists participating always are in direct contact with us and actively involved. The GAA Foundation works in close cooperating with the curators Valeria Romagnini, Lucia Pedrana, Sara Danieli, Elena Volpato, Alessandra Valle, Bianca Bonaldi, Anais Hammoud, Alesia Varnaeva and Rachele De Stefano.

The GAA-Foundation is registered by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Leiden as a Non-Profit organisation. The GAA Foundation is legally advised and supported in the Netherlands, Haarlem, by notary Adriaan Helmig and in Italy, Venice, by Francesco Adami from Studio Legale Palmer. Authorised spokespersons for the GAA Foundation are Emma Sarah Puschel and Valeria Romagnini.