VITO ACCONCI, Artus 2011 - 2012: The Collector's Edition, 1 August 2013, vol. 31, no. 1, pp. 34-37(4)
Simple Things and Natural Actions: A Conversation with Giuseppe Penone
Vito Acconci: The Language of Public Space. In: d’Art International, Vol.14, no 2, Canada, Fall 2011
Lawrence Weiner: Skimming the water [Ménage à Quatre]
Karlyn De Jongh, Time in the Art of Roman Opalka, Tatsuo Miyajima and Rene Rietmeyer
Marina Abramovic. In: artUS, issue 28, 2010
Interconnection and Isolation: Peter Halley in an interview with Karlyn De Jongh. In: d’Art International, Canada, Volume 13, Number 2, Fall 2010 (part 1)
GIUSEPPE PENONE’S ‘NELLE MANI - IN THE HANDS’ in De Pont, Tilburg (NL). In: <H>ART International #68, June 2010
The Artist is present: A conversation with Marina Abramovic: In: Art Monthly Australia # 230, June 2010
Light and Space: The work of Keith Sonnier. In: d’Art International 26, Vol. 13, no. 1, Spring/Summer, Canada, 2010
24 hours with Lawrence Weiner: On Lawrence Weiner’s ‘Skimming the water [Ménage à Quatre]’. In: <H>ART International #66, May 2010
Being the Void: A Conversation with Antony Gormley
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